The intent of this page is to give you easy access to commonly referenced union literature of a non-confidential nature. Click on document name below to see contents.

BW&D Product Distribution List 2010 (.pdf)
BW&D Constitution and By-Laws
BDL Bottle Sort 2019-2022 (.pdf)
BDL Full Goods 2016-2019 (.pdf)
BDL Prince George 2009-2015 (.pdf)
Canrim Packaging 2016-2019 (.pdf)
Coca Cola Bottling 2017-2020 (.pdf)
Granville Island Brewing 2017-2020 (.pdf)
Mission Hill (Plant) 2015-2018 (.pdf)
Mission Hill (Store) 2015-2018 (.pdf)
Molson Breweries 2018-2021 (.pdf)
Okanagan Spring Brewery 2019-2022 (.pdf)
Pacific Western Brewing 2019-2021 (.pdf)
ITG 2014-2015 (.pdf)

Contract Booklets