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Brewery, Winery & Distillery Workers Local 300
Union Constitution and By-Laws
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Section 1 - Dissolution

This Union cannot dissolve as long as seven (7) or more members desire to remain in the Union and are willing to comply with the Constitution of the Union and keep themselves in good standing with the Union.

Section 2 - Amendments
  1. Amendments or changes to this Constitution and By-Laws shall be submitted in writing to the General Executive Board.

  2. The General Executive Board shall ensure that copies of any proposed changes are distributed to each plant and read out to the membership at a Plant Meeting held in the month prior to the next Regional Meeting.

  3. The Notice of Motion shall be read out at the next Regional Membership Meeting. The motion shall be discussed and voted on at that meeting. The Regional Vice-President shall ensure that an accurate count of the vote is kept and immediately forwarded to the General Executive Board.

  4. The General Executive Board shall tally the Regional votes and if a 2/3 majority of those voting is achieved, amend the Constitution accordingly.

  5. Where amendments or changes are to be considered at a meeting, the notice of that meeting shall so specify.
Section 3 - Roberts Rules

All meetings of the Union shall be conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order.

Section 4 - Contract Ratification

Ratification of all Collective Agreements shall be by a majority of the votes cast by the members affected by the Collective Agreement. The vote shall be by secret ballot at a meeting called for that purpose. The ballot shall read as follows:

   I accept the last and final offer of the Employer.

   I reject the last and final offer of the Employer.

Section 5 - Strike Votes
  1. Strike votes shall be conducted pursuant to the Labour Code of British Columbia and regulations thereto, as amended from time to time.

  2. All Collective Agreements shall be signed by two (2) signing officers of the Union and must bear the Union seal before they become valid.

Section 6 - Union Seal Required on all Documents

All letters, charges, financial statements and official documents must be signed by a signing Officer and bear the Union seal.

Section 7 - Rules and Regulations
  1. The General Executive Board may recommend and the membership may approve rules and regulations except that no rule or regulation shall conflict with this Constitution and By-Laws.

  2. Where a rule or regulation is approved, it shall be read at the next two (2) Regular Plant Meetings.

  3. Rules and regulations may be repealed at any time.
Section 8 - Duty to Assess Working Members

In the event of financial emergencies, the General Executive Board may levy special assessments against members who are working in order to assist members who are involved in labour disputes.

Section 9 - Conferences
  1. The Union shall hold a bi-annual conference. This conference should include educational courses in the areas of Shop Steward training, Health and Safety, Advanced Arbitration, Bargaining, etc.

  2. The agenda, date, etc. shall be set by the General Executive Board.

  3. The General Executive Board may hold other conferences or seminars as it deems necessary.
Section 10 - Defence Fund

The General Executive Board shall establish and maintain a Defence Fund adequate to meet the needs of the Union.

Section 11 - Strike and Lockout Pay
  1. The Union shall endeavor to pay each member who is on strike or is locked out, strike pay at a rate prescribed by the General Executive Board subject to availability of funds. The payment of strike or lockout benefits shall commence on the eleventh working day, including Statutory Holidays, following the commencement of the strike or lockout. The General Executive Board may supplement strike or lockout pay if funds are available.

  2. If the strike or lockout continues for more than thirteen (13) weeks, the General Executive Board will review the amount of strike pay being paid to each member.

  3. The General Executive Board shall be in charge of paying strike or lockout benefits and shall ensure that members do their required duty.

  4. It shall be the duty of the General Executive Board to set the strike and/or lockout policy for each dispute.

  5. The General Executive Board shall have the authority to withhold strike pay and or job allocation from any members guilty of violating policies or rules of conduct as set by the General Executive Board prior to or during any dispute.
Section 12 - Trusteeship
  1. This Union may be placed under trusteeship by either:

    1. A two-thirds (2/3) vote of the General Executive Board, voting at a meeting called for that purpose; or

    2. The membership, providing such a motion received a seventy-five percent (75%) majority of the active membership.

  2. The membership shall direct the President to call Special Regional Meetings to vote on the question of trusteeship providing that the majority of members from any two (2) regions, voting at meetings called for that purpose, are in favour.

  3. The President shall ensure that both sides of the question are explained fully.

  4. In the event a motion of trusteeship is passed by either the General Executive Board or the Membership as prescribed above, the President shall request the British Columbia Government Employees Union to appoint a trustee.

  5. The trustee shall be responsible for the affairs of the Union for not more than ninety (90) days and shall investigate the reason for trusteeship and make recommendations to resolve the problem to the membership within that time period.

  6. Should the membership reject the recommendations of the trustee, the trustee shall refer the matter to the C.L.C. ombudsman. The decision of the ombudsman shall be final and binding.

Constitution, Table of Contents

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