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Brewery, Winery & Distillery Workers Local 300
Union Constitution and By-Laws
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Section 1 - Table Officers
  1. The nomination of Table Officers shall take place at the September Regional meetings. Regional Vice-Presidents may only be nominated by a member in their region.

  2. To accept nomination members must either be in attendance at the nomination meeting or have their written acceptance delivered to the Regional Vice-President at that meeting.

  3. Names of candidates for the Office of Regional Vice-President shall only be included on the ballots for their region.

  4. The installation of Table Officers shall take place at the January General Executive Board meeting.
Section 2 - Balloting Committee
  1. The election of the President, Regional Vice-Presidents, Corresponding Secretary (Business Agent), Recording Secretary and Secretary Treasurer shall be conducted by a secret mail-in ballot. The election shall be conducted as follows:

    1. In the month prior to the nomination meetings the President shall appoint a three (3) member Balloting Committee. Each member of this Committee shall come from a different certification. Committee members accepting nomination for any of the Table Officer positions would thereby resign. The President shall appoint another member to fill the vacancy.

    2. The Balloting Committee shall:

      1. Ensure all candidates meet the eligibility requirements as specified in the Constitution and By-Laws of the Union. Should disagreements arise as to a candidates eligibility the decision of the Balloting Committee shall be final.

      2. Engage the services of a trust company or a firm of auditors to conduct the counting of the mail-in ballots and instruct them as follows:

        1. Only ballots that are returned in the self addressed envelope provided are to be counted.

        2. Only ballots received by the trust company by the last mail delivery on November 15 shall be counted. In the event that November 15 falls on a weekend, the close of balloting shall be moved to the last mail delivery on the following Monday.

        3. All ballots are to be counted providing the intent is obvious. The Balloting Committee shall rule on all spoiled ballots and their decision will be final.

        4. No information on the progress of the election is to be released to anyone prior to the close of balloting referred to above.

        5. The final count, together with all the ballots, shall be turned over to the Balloting Committee immediately after the close of balloting.

      3. The Balloting Committee shall ensure the ballots are made up immediately after the close of nominations.

      4. The Balloting Committee shall ensure each mail out envelope contains a ballot and a stamped envelope addressed to the trust company or firm of auditors engaged.

      5. The Balloting Committee shall ensure that all ballots are mailed out by registered mail on the same day, but no later than October 15.

      6. Prior to mailing out the ballots the Committee shall ensure that information bulletins, containing the following information, are sent to each plant.

        1. The name of each candidate.
        2. The plant they come from.
        3. Previous offices they have held in the Union.
        4. The number of years they have been a member.

  2. The election of General Executive Board members, Grievance Negotiating Committees and Shop Stewards shall be conducted by secret ballot in the plants.

  3. The Regional Executive Boards shall appoint three (3) member Balloting Committees for each plant in their area.

    1. The Balloting Committee shall have charge of the ballot box and of the membership roll. During balloting, a member of the Committee shall hand a ballot to a member, and shall thereupon check off that member's name on the membership roll.
      The member shall mark their ballot and deposit it in the ballot box. Thereupon, the Committee shall check off that member's name on the membership roll a second time.

    2. At the close of balloting, the Committee shall count the ballots, and shall record on a tally sheet the total number of spoiled ballots. Each member of the Committee shall sign the tally sheet.

    3. The ballots and the tally sheets shall be securely wrapped and shall be placed in the possession of the General Executive Board.

    4. The Committee shall post the results of the ballot on that plants notice boards immediately following the final count.
Section 3 - Voting
  1. All elections shall be by secret ballot. Only printed ballots with the seal of the Union affixed shall be used in any election.

  2. Every member in good standing shall participate in the election of Officers.

  3. Every member shall deposit their own ballot in the ballot box or mail it in where applicable.

  4. The candidate receiving the highest number of votes for the respective Office shall be declared elected.

  5. If there is a tie vote between two (2) or more candidates with the most votes for any one position the President shall cast the deciding vote; except that where the vote occurs in the election of President, the Vice-President shall cast the deciding vote.
Section 4 - Oath

At the installation of the newly elected Officers, the Chairperson shall read and the Officers shall repeat the following obligation:
"I, (given name), do solemnly promise that I will support the Constitution of the Brewery, Winery and Distillery Workers Union, Local 300; that I will uphold the Constitution and By-Laws of this Union, also all orders, regulations and rules of this Union; that I will faithfully discharge the duties of my office; that at the expiration of my term of office, I will surrender to my elected and qualified successor in office, all property rights and other matters belonging to this Union; that any time during my incumbency I will, whenever the Union shall so desire, make a detailed report of any and all matters in my keeping or under my control; to all of which I pledge my most sacred work of honour".
Section 5 - Obligations

Officers who fail to uphold their obligations shall be guilty of an offence against the Constitution and By-Laws and shall be subject to the procedures and penalties set out in Article 9.

Section 6 - Trial Procedures

An Officer who is charged with neglect of duties shall be tried before a Trial Committee set up under Article 9. If the Trial Committee finds them to be guilty of the offence, it may recommend that they be removed from Office, in addition to any other penalties allowed under Article 9, Section 17. However, this recommendation shall be denied unless it receives a majority vote of sixty-six and two-thirds percent (66 2/3%) of the members who vote at a Special Meeting called for that purpose.

Section 7 - Vacancies

If a vacancy occurs in any of the Offices of the Union, the President may appoint a member to the Office for the remainder of the term. Any such appointments must be ratified by the General Executive Board.

Section 8 - Fines

Any Officer or Executive Board member who fails to attend a meeting without a reasonable excuse shall pay a fine of five dollars ($5.00). Any Officer or Executive Board member who fails to attend two (2) consecutive meetings, without a reasonable excuse, shall forfeit their Office and a vacancy shall be deemed to have occurred. The onus of providing reasonable excuse is on the Officer or Union Executive Board member. The decision as to whether an excuse is reasonable shall be made by the appropriate Executive Board and shall be final and binding.

Constitution, Table of Contents

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