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Brewery, Winery & Distillery Workers Local 300
Union Constitution and By-Laws
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Section 1 - Fee

The initiation fee shall be as is prescribed by the General Executive Board.

Section 2 - Dues
  1. Each member shall pay monthly dues to the Union. The monthly dues shall be a percentage, as is prescribed by the General Executive Board, of each member's gross earnings. Gross earnings shall include all monies received from the employer.

  2. A member who is two (2) months in arrears in the payment of monthly dues, or other financial obligations to the Union, shall cease to be a member in good standing until they pay all arrears or monthly dues, and all other financial obligations to the Union, they shall have no voice or vote at Union meetings and shall be ineligible for nomination, election, or appointment to any position or office in the Union.

    A member who is three (3) months in arrears in the payment of dues shall automatically forfeit their membership. They shall only be reinstated to membership in accordance with Article 4.

  3. In the event that the Union is faced with an emergency due to unusual circumstances, which may endanger its financial security, the General Executive Board may levy a special assessment in order to replenish either the General Fund or the Defense Fund. The amount of the special assessment shall be in an amount determined by the General Executive Board and shall be payable for as long as the General Executive Board prescribes.

  4. No member who forfeits their membership or loses their good standing because of a failure to pay dues shall have a right of appeal, except on the basis that they were not in arrears at the time of their loss of membership or good standing.

    Where a member makes an appeal under this Section, the General Executive Board shall appoint a Trial Committee and the procedure, including rights of appeal set out in Article 9 shall apply.

  5. Monthly dues shall be in arrears if they are not received by the Union office in the month for which they are payable.

  6. A member, whose dues have been withheld by the employer pursuant to a valid dues deduction authorization, shall not lose their good standing or their membership because of the delay or failure of their employer to remit the dues to the Union.
Section 3 - Illness
  1. Out-of-work credits shall be furnished to all laid off members, beginning at the time of lay-off in accordance with the following:

  2. A member who receives an out-of-work credit in any month shall not be required to pay dues or special assessments for that month.

  3. An out-of-work credit shall not be furnished for more than twelve (12) consecutive calendar months except as provided in paragraph (d) herein.

  4. An out-of-work credit shall be furnished to a member who is sick for more than one (1) complete calendar month for the duration of their sickness.
Section 4 - Withdrawal Cards
  1. A withdrawal card is a suspension from membership, which entitles the member to be readmitted to membership on presenting a valid card.

  2. A member shall take out a withdrawal card:

    1. when they quit their employment to engage in any industry outside the jurisdiction of the Union.

    2. when they occupy a position outside of the bargaining unit.

    3. unless they are sick, where they have received out-of-work credit for twelve (12) consecutive months.

    The General Executive Board may waive the requirement to take out a withdrawal card upon such terms and conditions, including restricting any rights or duties of membership as it in its sole discretion deems proper.

  3. No member who accepts employment in an establishment where the work performed is under the jurisdiction of the Union, and which establishment or department thereof in which they are employed is unorganized or represented by another union, shall be issued a withdrawal card. Such a member must pay regular dues and assessments to the Union or they shall forfeit their membership. If the nature of the work performed in such establishment or the department thereof in which they are employed is a type over which the Union does not commonly exercise jurisdiction, (for example, a position excluded from the bargaining unit) the member may be required to take a withdrawal card by the General Executive Board.

  4. A withdrawal card shall not be issued to a member unless their dues and other financial obligations to the Union are fully paid.

  5. A member who fails to request a withdrawal card and to tender the fee therefore within thirty (30) days of the time when they are required to do so by Section 4, paragraph (b) or (c) shall automatically forfeit their membership and shall only be readmitted to membership in accordance with Article 4, Section 8. The General Executive Board may waive the application of this clause, and its decision is final and binding.

  6. Withdrawal cards shall be valid for one (1) year from the date of issue and, if application is made prior to their expiration date, may be renewed for additional periods of one (1) year.

  7. The fee for a withdrawal card or for any renewal thereof shall be set by the General Executive Board. Except that where a member leaves the bargaining unit for a management or supervisory position within an industry in the Union's jurisdiction, the annual fee shall be as prescribed by the General Executive Board. Fees are payable in advance.

  8. When a withdrawal card is taken out by a member, they shall deposit their membership card with the Union Secretary. A valid withdrawal card may be exchanged for a membership card when the member receives an opportunity to become re-employed in a position covered by a collective agreement with the Union.

  9. Applicants for membership who are or have been members of any other C.L.C. organization, must present an acceptable clearance card from said C.L.C. organization. All such candidates must fill out and submit an official application form together with the initiation fee to the Union. This provision may be waived by the General Executive Board.

  10. Should a member holding a valid withdrawal card resume active employment in any industry in the jurisdiction of the Union, they shall surrender their withdrawal card and become an active member.

  11. Members holding withdrawal cards shall not attend meetings of the Union or participate in elections, referenda, or any other business functions of the Union.

  12. A member holding a withdrawal card is subject to the provisions of this Constitution and By-Laws. In addition to any other penalties, which may be imposed under Article 9, Section 17, they may have their withdrawal card declared void.

Constitution, Table of Contents

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