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Brewery, Winery & Distillery Workers Local 300
Union Constitution and By-Laws
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Section 1 - Jurisdiction

Workers engaged in industries over which the Union exercises jurisdiction who are of good character and subscribe to the Constitution of the Union are eligible for membership in the Union.

Section 2 - Limitation

A person may not be initiated, re-initiated or reinstated to membership in the Union unless they are employed in one of the industries within the jurisdiction of the Union or unless the General Executive Board has first approved their application for membership.

Section 3 - Application

Candidates for membership are required to answer truthfully all questions upon the official membership application. Making a statement which is false on the application shall be good and sufficient cause of expulsion from the Union.

Section 4 - Initiation Fee

Each application for membership shall be accompanied by an initiation fee as prescribed by the General Executive Board. The initiation fee may be reduced to an amount not less than one dollar ($1.00) as part of a campaign to organize a group of persons not previously represented by the Union

Section 5 - Discrimination

The Union shall not discriminate against an applicant for membership or a member contrary to the Human Rights Code of British Columbia as amended from time to time.

Section 6 - Recommendation

A candidate for membership shall not become a member unless, they are recommended by at least two (2) members in good standing and approved by a majority of the members voting at a Regular or Special Meeting of the Union.

Section 7 - Initiation Procedure

Every application that is correctly filled out and in good order, accompanied by the initiation fee, shall be considered. If an applicant has been accepted by the membership, they shall be initiated at that or the next Regular Meeting of the Union.

Section 8 - Former Members

A former member of the Union may be reinstated to membership provided their application for reinstatement is approved by a majority of the members voting at a Regular or Special meeting of the Union.

No former member shall be reinstated unless they have first paid all of their dues, which are in arrears and an initiation fee, or such lesser amount as is prescribed by the General Executive Board.

Section 9 - Rejection

All application for membership must be scrutinized by the appropriate Regional Executive Board, before being voted on by the membership at the next Plant or Regional Meeting. The Regional Executive Board may recommend to the membership that an applicant for membership be rejected. If the Regional Executive Board makes such a recommendation, it shall give its reasons for doing so at the meeting where the applicant's application is to be voted on. Where the Regional Executive Board makes such a recommendation the applicant shall have the right to appeal under Section 12.

Section 10 - Oath

Persons accepted for membership shall become members after completion of the following obligation:

"I, (give name), hereby pledge my word of honour, that I will be true to the Union and its principles as long as I am a member thereof; that I will faithfully comply with all the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Union and that I will consider every one of its members as my friend and brother or sister; that I will not reveal any business or proceedings of any meeting of the Union, except to those who have a right to such knowledge; that I will comply with the orders, regulations and decisions of the Union; that should I fail to keep these promises, I shall be punished with a penalty up to and including, expulsion from the Union".

Section 11

If any applicant has to work at the time of the Regular Meeting or for other extraordinary reasons, they may be initiated at a place other than a Regular or Special Meeting by the President or a duly appointed representative, and in the presence of one (1) or more members of the Executive Board or Shop Steward.

Section 12 - Appeal

An applicant whose application is rejected may appeal the rejection to the General Executive Board. The appeal shall be in writing, and shall state fully and completely the candidates reasons for appealing.

The General Executive Board shall consider the appeal and after making such investigation as it considers necessary, which may include interviewing the candidate, may either order that the application be reconsidered at the next Regional or Plant Meeting of the Union or that the appeal be dismissed.

Section 13 - Refund

An applicant whose application is rejected shall have their initiation fee refunded.

Section 14 - Waiver of Probation
  1. Where there are not sufficient members to fill available employment positions the Union Executive Board or its appointed representative may, notwithstanding any other provision in this Constitution, immediately initiate suitable candidates to membership in the Union.

  2. In the circumstances set out in 14 (a) candidates shall be initiated by the following procedure:

    1. Prior to initiation complete a membership application.

    2. Complete the oath of membership.

    3. Shall pay the initiation fee immediately as prescribed by the General Executive Board.

  3. All members initiated pursuant to this Section shall be members in good standing.

  4. Members appointed pursuant to Section 14, shall be presented for approval by the members at the next Regular or Special Membership Meeting of the Union. Failure to obtain a majority approval at such meeting shall result in the loss of membership rights.

  5. A member whose membership rights are terminated pursuant to Section 14 (d) shall have their initiation fee refunded.

Constitution, Table of Contents

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